Blue Eyed Mary’s was transplanted from its original home on Bowen Island in 1999.  Run by husband and wife team (Carol Wallace is the wife and chef).  As their children grew they needed to spend more time on mainland and voila, they moved to 1735 Marine Drive. My husband Ian and I enjoyed a fabulous meal there last week and here is my review:

There is little to choose in the way of good restaurants in West Vancouver. The masses opt for another chain restaurant at the mall, but Blue Eyed Mary's offers a creative menu, cozy charming eclectic interior and friendly good service. My husband and I came here for a Friday night dinner arriving late for our reservation. The host and owner was friendly and allowed us to pick our seat. The front of the restaurant is bright and looks out over Marine, the back is darker and more intimate. White table cloths and candles, fine glass wares provide an upper scale feel though the mood is more casual than stuffy. There is a good wine list with some interesting options we have not seen at other restaurants, like some Okanagan Crush Pad wines. An effort has been made to provide a variety to the diner. Being we are both vegetarians, we really note and appreciate when a restaurant makes an effort to provide something unique for us veggies as so many don't. We have been to this restaurant several months before and enjoyed a delicious baked acorn squash, this time the choice Curried Root Vegetables, Sweet Potato Cakes, Plantain Chips, Jerk Spice Drizzle and Raisin Goat Yoghurt - fabulous and delicious. I started with the White Bean Soup and my husband had Caramelized Onion Tart, Sauerkraut, Baked Apple, Crispy Prosciutto, Sherry Cider Reduction which was scrumptious. Each diner is treated to a plate of melt in your mouth fresh bread at the start and we finished off by sharing their Honeyed Pear and Blue Cheese and Hazelnut Treacle - I had to hold myself back from licking the plate! So good! Our entire meal with a bottle of wine came to $117 - and the service was right on. Thank goodness there is a good locally run business to choose from and support. Check out Blue Eyed Mary's if you haven't yet, you won't be disappointed.


We would also like to point out and congratulate La Regalade for winning “Best North Shore” this year from Vancouver Magazine Awards.  The other contenders were, Fraiche, Gusto di Quattro, and Blue Eyed Mary’s.