Inflammatory Vancouver Sun Story Stirs Up West Van Residents

I have written many times in this newsletter about how the “news” can make a REALTOR®’s ’ job harder than it already is. In my experience, reporters tend to report on the extreme and take “the story”, assuming there even is one, to a different level all-together, adding fuel to the already volatile public opinion. These last several weeks news has centered around Vancouver’s inflated real estate market. For good reason.

There is no doubt our market is overactive and I totally agree there are more extremes to call upon these days, but to understand and accurately portray the picture, one must also look at the 75% or so of listings that are NOT selling – what of them? If one only reads real estate news reported by people only interested in reporting the abnormalities, then how is that different from the likes of the National Enquirer? AND even scarier is the inaccurate information being reported as fact, which leaves the public with a twisted and distorted picture.

I strongly feel, if the Sun wants to comment on a highly charged subject, they have a responsibility to get the facts right. The following story for example did arouse feelings in many - for me, it was anger and frustration.

It began with an e-mail from my mother, she likes to keep me in the know when it comes to real estate market…She sent me the following Vancouver Sun story
I thanked her along with a comment, “You know mom, and this stuff just makes my job harder”. She responds with “At least it’s good you know about it”. I respond “Believe me, I know about, I’m in the thick of it”.


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Court Ordered Sales

Court Ordered Sales

Darn, for the most part this month people seem to be paying their bills and getting along with each other. Here are the court ordered sales – only 3. The Mount Pleasant home on E 14th the best deal of the bunch priced only 20,000 above assessed. It looks like a labour of love that got away on the owners. The other 2…no great deals there. If you are interested in receiving info on court ordered sales as soon as they are listed drop me a line.